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  • Portrait Commissions

    Custom realistic,

    abstracted and/or stylized paintings, drawings, etc.

    of your loved ones in any size canvas or

    surface requested.

    (Allow me to capture

    your special loved ones

    in both a true to realism style and unique artistic light!)

    Request Commission! 
  • Pet and Animal Commissions

    Custom drawings and paintings of your special

    fur babies

    in a variety of mediums. Such a fun and

    heart-warming process to partake in.

    (Let me eternalize your adorable little creatures

    in an artistic style!)

    Request Commission! 
  • Oil Painting Commissions

    Custom paintings of any topic, setting or display you wish in realistic (or abstracted, etc)., smooth and vibrant oils on any size canvas requested!

    (I particularly adore working in oils for the sole reason of the true realism I am able to achieve and the striking colors they emit.)

    Request Commission! 
  • Hand-Painted Champagne/Wine Bottles, etc. Commissions

    Custom painted bottles to personalize and accentuate your gift giving at bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniverseries, you name it! (I thoroughly enjoy working in this unique medium and I can't wait to do more!)

    *For full bottles: only local orders available-for empty bottles: in state and out of state shipping deliveries available*

    Request Commission! 
  • Ink and Pen Commissions

    Custom and unique ink drawings of figures, characters, abstractions, (etc.) in any

    stylings desired.

    (I love creating art pieces and drawings that show homages of famous figures/characters

    of all kinds!)

    Request Commission! 
  • Abstract Decor Commissions

    Custom acrylic, oil, watercolor, mixed media (etc.) paintings/drawings for personal/business

    feng shui

    in any living/work space.

    (Let's collaborate to make your space a personalized aesthetic!)

    Request Commission! 
  • Logo and Brand Design Commissions

    Custom PNG files

    (No background logos)

    and JPEG files

    (High quality photos)

    for your new/growing business and your branding's logos,

    banners, etc.

    (Together, let's explore your visions and dreams for your existing or new business branding. We will collaborate to make the perfect and ideal logo designs for your business!)

    Request Commission! 
  • Art Keychain Commissions

    Custom upon request for any specific topics, patterns, stylings or themes. Any medium of art may be enclosed inside a

    handheld keychain.

    (Ask me about any special shapes or sizes of the keychains! I have some really unique and fun ones stocked!)

    *Minimum of 5 keychains per order for

    shipping deliveries*

    Request Commission! 
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