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Wooden-Panel Canvas, Floral Acrylic Painting, "FLOWERS in BLOOM"

Wooden-Panel Canvas, Floral Acrylic Painting, "FLOWERS in BLOOM"

A painting that holds immense importance to my heart. It was left dormant, much like my painting, The Show Must Go On, for a few years before and after my major breakup. But once the pandemic kicked in, and I was left to pace from wall to wall in my room, I finally sparked the inspiration to sit down and complete this magnificent painting. I wanted this painting to represent pure joy and love that I have for others still in my life and more importantly the pure love I was learning to develop for myself. Therefor, this painting is really the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a special someone you love or for even yourself! (The most special person)

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Acrylic paint on wood-panel canvas (Finished With Gamvar Glossy Varnish)

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23" x 35" wood-panel canvas

Care Instructions

None in particular-just keep away from direct sunlight to avoid any sun damage over time.

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