Get To Know The Artist: MIRPANDA WORKS

(Miranda Allyse Torres)

Hey, y'all!

Welcome to my online artist brand,


I am a visual, studio artist first and foremost, who creates fine art of all mediums and varieties.

As a freelance artist, I have participated in and displayed in many showcases, festivals and galleries within the Arkansas and Dallas art communities. 

I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s degree in studio/fine arts. 

After graduating, I was an art instructor and care-giver at Lifestyles, Inc.,

a non-profit organization for adults with disabilities.

Soon after that, I was an event coordinator for a Fayetteville gallery, Art Ventures, where I further developed my drawing skills, and showcased my art in their gallery space.

During my time in Texas, I took on many more creative and administrative occupations with Studio Art House,

a family-owned art school.

While specifically in Dallas, I acquired immense experience in the floral industry under the employment of Dr. Delphinium Designs and Events, Inc. Where I discovered my true passion and connection to creative floral and plant design. Along with greenhouse plant care knowledge and marketing/sales development through networking and social media.

Altogether, since high school, I have spent many years and currently spend valuable time under the mentorship of a local Arkansas studio, Studio 7. My mentors there guided me (still guide me) into becoming the artist I am to this very day.  

I take all facets of my chaotic realities

and alter them within my art pieces using color and light.

Throughout each moment in my life, 

I create art with the inspirations and motivations

that I receive from each unique experience.   

Without art; I feel utterly lost.