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Pop Art Inspired, Acrylic Painting, "Mascara Tears"

Pop Art Inspired, Acrylic Painting, "Mascara Tears"

An (obviously) very emotional painting for me to come up with, execute and to this day view as a finished piece. I came up with this idea after I had one of my many major break downs during college when I had a load of personal challenges occurring at once. I had looked in the mirror after the episode, and I had liked the way my mascara ran perfectly down my cheeks from each eye. I took a picture and the rest was history. 

Ironically, years later, a scammer reached out to me through my (now deleted) Etsy shop-where they attempted to steal this piece from me along with giving me a bogus check. I lost everything in that moment, but I still managed to obtain this piece again through it all and it now holds even more emotional weight. And I think that's exactly how it was meant to be, honestly. May decide later on in the future to never sell this painting and just keep it for myself as a token of my true anguished experiences-but for now, she isn't scared to showcase her pain if someone does decide they (actually) want her for their very own (without scamming me in the process, okay thanks.)


Acrylic paint on an oval-shaped stretched canvas (Gamvar gloss varnish finish)


20" x 16" oval-shaped stretch canvas (unframed)

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