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Detailed and Signed Drawing of Tana Mongeau From 2019

Detailed and Signed Drawing of Tana Mongeau From 2019

Back in 2019, I got the chance to meet Tana Mongeau at her tour in Dallas. I brought this detailed drawing I made from a photo I thought was so striking of her. She loved the drawing and singed it saying, "Wow! You made me look so much hotter than I actually am. Thank you! You are so talented!" Other than that untrue but sweet comment, I couldn’t really hear her over the blaring music. While saying goodbye, both her and Trevi said something to me and I just nodded my head because I couldn’t hear them at all and just said back, “Y’all are beautiful!,” and, “Have a good night!” But it was still pretty cool to meet them all and have my art to show Tana. Great memory to look back on and I cannot see myself separating from this collectors piece ever. 


Graphite pencil on drawing paper in standing/hanging black frame


12" x 10" graphite drawing in black frame

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